Friday, November 30, 2012

Why the Internet Was Invented, Vol. 11

Another somewhat tame month on the worldwide weird.  I think someone needs to go check on Japan to see if they're OK.


  1. I know what you think you though you heard, but that wasn't it.
  2. This kid has a onesie of fury.
  3. Baruch hata I'm annoyed!
  4. I've always wanted to give one of these, but I never knew how.
  5. Red Bull gives us the Rube Goldberg athlete machine.
  6. What happens when you combine peanuts, nougat, caramel, milk chocolate and the internet?  I think you know.
  7. Neil Degrasse Tyson explains the purpose of the universe...or lack thereof.


  1. If you can mail order brides, why not this?
  2. The biblical defense of slavery.
  3. I used to love getting this magazine when I was a kid.  Now everyone can enjoy it.
  4.  As a parent, I can totally relate.
  5. I'm surprise this just doesn't take you right back where you started.
  6. First of all, how is this a viable business?  Second of all, I'm changing my will immediately.
  7. Fell like flying through the galaxy?  Now you can.
  8. Turns out, I'm a shitty typist.

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