Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why the Internat Was Invented, Vol 4

Here are some of the most...well, the, the, here are some links from April.  Send me hate mail if you need to.

  1. Be careful with this one.  It is strangely addicting.
  2. This explains my neighbor's behavior.
  3. The Product Testing Institute.  Do yourself a favor and watch them all.
  4. Yeah, this is weird.  What do you expect?
  1. This is how I imagine guardian angels.
  2. My dog isn't nearly this cool.  He just sleeps and drools all day.
  3. Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Thank you Google Maps for finally making something useful.
  4. If you need to waste a day or two, this will do it.
  5. I wish I could give this to everyone before they are allowed to talk to me.
  6. This is brilliant.  I have it on constantly at my desk.
  7. This simple matrix will keep you busy for at least two minutes.
  8. If you've ever wondered who is responsible for ruining everything, here you go.

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