Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why the Internet Was Invented, Vol 3

Feast your eyes on the best the websphere had to offer in March.  


  1. Are you thick as a brick?  I think maybe you are.
  2. What if the Three Little Pigs was set in modern times?
  3. Going West.  Absolutely brilliant animation and reading.
  4. You're going to hate me for this.
  5. Dollar Shave Club's brilliant ad.  Yes, it is real.
  6. M 'effin bike, Bitches!
  7. Just Darth Vader...wearing a kilt...playing the Imperial March...on bagpipes...while riding a unicycle.
  8. The Gentleman's Rant.  Don't blame me if you waste all day watching these.
  9. Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke tackle small problems like: God, the universe and everything.
  10. Screw the bike.  Get ready for the M 'effin pterodactyl!

  1.  360 degree areal panoramic views all around the world.
  2. Some of the excellent artwork of Sergey Kolesov.
  3. Ever wanted to connect Lincoln Logs to Legos?  Now you can.
  4. Maybe Disney's ripped-off stories wouldn't be so annoying if they were animated like this.
  5. You'll need to use Chrome to follow this link, but it's worth it.

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The Hippy said...

Utterly excellent collection there redneck. Gotta go, I think I see a motherfucking pterodactyl.